Wireless Data Modems


NL6000 Radio Modem

The NL6000 sets new performance standard for both wireless telemetry and mobile data systems. The NL6000 is best in class for data rate and coverage. Exhibiting outstanding radio channel performance.


NL5500 Radio Modem

The NL5500 Transceiver Series is field configurable as a master station or remote radio. The capability for transparent and direct asynchronous communication offers real-time communication. The NL5500 is fully compatible with the NL6000. It will communicate and coexist with NL6000s, while providing excellent throughput and long range for multiple address systems.


NL5000 Radio Modem

The NL5000 Transceiver Series is a price/ performance leader in licensed conventional radios in both the VHF and UHF frequency range. They provide increased throughput, and longer range for multiple address systems. Transparent and direct asynchronous communication offers real-time communication. No extra software or programming is needed to implement communications using standard asynchronous protocols.


NL5000-T Radio Modem

The NL5000-T Series is perfect as a retrofit to RNet and JSLM installations. Capable of half and full-channel spacing operation, can be installed in systems where refarming compliant narrow band frequencies have been assigned.


NL900PRO Radio Modem

The NL900PRO transceiver is a Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) radio designed for license-free operation in the 900 MHz ISM band. The radio sustains a standard asynchronous serial data stream between two or more radios out of the box. Housed in a compact and rugged die-cast enclosure, the radio is equipped to replace miles of serial cable using a selectable RS232, RS485, or RS422 interface.


NL900 Radio Modem

The NL900 stand-alone transceiver can be set up in minutes to virtually cut the cables between RS232 devices. Their flexibility and price allow users to quickly upgrade wired terminals to cordless operation in industrial, commercial, even residential applications. Powered by a 1000mW 900 MHz radio, each unit is small and portable for use in mobile and temporary settings as well as for fixed installations




The NL AUX RLY auxiliary dual relay box works in conjunction with the NL900 and NL900S when configured for dry contact closure function. A typical application is in remote powering of motors, pumps or any application requiring a simple isolated on / off switch.