RealTerm Terminal Download

RealTerm also works with Win 7

  1. Download zipped RealTerm folder and then save
  2. Look for a file called Realterm_2.0.0.70_setup.exe. This file will start the program.
  3. Quick setup—look for the file called REALTERM_QuickStart.pdf
    • After you have installed your copy of Realterm open the program using the quick launch icon placed on the desk top by the program installation. The program will open up to the display configuration page. Make the following changes to this page.
    • Under DISPLAY AS select "Ansi"
    • Under ROWS set to 23 and 80 under COLUMUS
    • Now Select PORT from the tool bar and make the following changes.
      Set Baud rate to 9600.
      Set Data Bits to 8
      Set Stop bits to 1
      Set Hardware Flow Control to none
    • Realterm is now ready to use. Place the mouse curser on the Realterm screen then type …// to enter program mode of the NL6000 radio or NL5500.
  4. For more information on setup look for file RealTerm_Manual.pdf
  5. Important Note: Do not change the Diagnostic settings 6 to 9 as these are radio specific, factory adjusted and require specialized radio test equipment.

    For the NL6000 refer to the NL6000 User Manual for specific configuration settings.

    For the NL5500 refer to the NL5500 User Manual for specific configuration settings.